Inspirational Speaker for Mosaic
    Yorkshire Primary School Graduation
    Leeds, May 2016
    The Primary School Program for Mosaic, a Prince's Trust charity, targets mums and their daughters aged 9 to 11 years old to increase their confidence, raise their aspirations and encourage them to consider long-term education. Mentors spend 2 hours per week, for ten consecutive weeks, coaching them in confidence building exercises. The program culminates in an inspiring graduation ceremony featuring a guest speaker, with mentors and students sharing their experiences.
    Article in the Chalice Well Companion Journal
    Spring 2016, Volume 2, No.1
    The "Celebrations" chapter from Wafa's Arabian Nights was published in the Chalice Well Companion Journal to commemorate one year of the Sacred Arts of Islam Festival. It talks about Shahriyar acknowledging Shahrazade's wit, culture, magnificent story telling and steadfast love. It culminates with him proposing to marry her after 1001 nights of story telling and her giving birth to their three children!
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  1. Story telling at Glastonbury
    Story telling at Glastonbury
  2. Story telling at Glastonbury
    Story telling at Glastonbury
  3. Inspirational speaker for Mosaic
    Inspirational speaker for Mosaic
  4. Inspirational speaker for Mosaic
    Inspirational speaker for Mosaic
  5. Story telling at Glastonbury
    Story telling at Glastonbury
  6. Inspirational speaker for Mosaic
    Inspirational speaker for Mosaic